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Technical Training and Team Integration

Our company has established a perfect talent recruitment mechanism, constantly improve our staff training programs, through standardized training to enhance the professional skills of employees and management level while creating a positive, open and inclusive, innovative and enterprising corporate culture and attracting talented people to join us, and continuously enhancing the sense of belonging and cohesion to promote the healthy and sustainable development of our company.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Adhering to the mission of serving regional economic construction and social development, our company has been keeping on the concept of localized operation while actively fulfilling its social responsibility. During the Convid-19 Pneumonia epidemic, our company donated a large number of epidemic prevention materials to the Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Security, Ministry of Internal Affairs, and National Enterprise Group of Uganda; and a number of medical materials to the China-Uganda Friendship Hospital and the military hospital; actively participated in and sponsored the “BUBU” activities and the UPDF National Defense Week activities in previous years, and made great contributions to the local people’s livelihood and economic development.