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About Us

Kyoga dynamics Limited is a joint venture cooperation between China Wanbao Engineering Co. Ltd. and Uganda Luwero Industries limited, officially registered in Uganda in 2015, mainly operating and engaging in the production, marketing, storage, logistical and blast services of commercial explosives and related explosive devices.

Our Company has a full capacity and capability of operating and running locally for three main civil explosive production lines. Our marketing products include emulsion explosive, ANFO explosive, porous ammonium nitrate, shock tube detonators, electronic detonators, detonating cord, boosters, copper wires, detonating relays, initiators, seismic dynamic cartridge, perforating bullet and some other commercial explosive products and materials. On the business services, our Company provides various services of storage, logistics and escorting delivery for all our commercial explosive products to customers booked the order in “One stop service” method, and transfers directly from our factory to the customer’s designated location. At the same time, we are actively operating the services for local and around civil infrastructure works and offering a full set of solution for blast service. Our marketing is centred on Uganda, and products radiate to the entire East African region, including Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, Zambia, Congo and South Sudan, and other countries.

Our Corporate Culture

  • Professional
  • Pragmatic
  • Responsible
  • Efficient.

Our Mission

  • To serve regional economic construction and social development;
  • To gradually introduce international advanced civil blasting standards and technologies;
  • To achieve sustainable development of customer relations and shareholders’ value.

Our Vision

  • To become a leader in the civil explosives and chemical industry in the East Africa.


  • The only fully automatic emulsion explosives production line in East Africa
  • Africa’s only long shelf-life ANFO production line
  • Full set of blasting services and solutions
  • International standard quality
  • Excellent customer service
  • Large storage facilities and professional product transportation team

Over the past few years, Kyoga Dynamics Ltd. has taken the responsibilities of safe production and service to the local society, and actively fulfilled the local social responsibility while providing explosives and blasting equipment for the infrastructure construction, mining, oil exploration and other industries in Uganda and other countries in the East Africa. After more than seven years of operation, our company has become a comprehensive civil explosives production and service-oriented enterprise with influence in the civil explosives industry in the East Africa region, and continuously providing active dynamics for the economic construction and social development of Uganda and even the East African region.

KYOGA Dynamics Ltd was established and registered in September 2015 and is engaged in the production, sale, and storage of commercial explosive materials. It is the first company of its kind in the East African region and one of only 3 such plants on the African continent.

We plan to power the construction, mining and infrastructure needs of East Africa and Africa at large, with Uganda as a market base.

Kyoga Dynamics was established through a partnership between China Wanbao Engineering Corporation and Luwero Industries Ltd.

The ground-breaking ceremony at Nakasongola took place in January 2016. With many years continuous development of Kyoga Dynamics, it has a capacity to produce 6000 tonnes of Emulsion Explosive annually, 24,000 toners of ANFO explosive annually and 1,050,000 pieces of Shock Tube detonators annually. It can handle both local and regional demands.

The enterprise culture of KYOGA Dynamics Ltd is guided by the following values: Being Professional, Pragmatic, Responsible and Highly Efficient.

Our mission is:

  • To serve the commercial explosive needs for regional economic and social development in Africa.
  • To improve the lives and well-being of the local population;
  • To realise sustainable development in aid of customer relationships, shareholders’ value increase and employees occupational space.

This partnership is an indication of the developmental partnership between China and Uganda which is set to increase greatly in the coming years.

KYOGA Dynamics is vested in:

  • Production and sale of commercial explosive materials, including emulsion explosives, which are produced by KYOGA Dynamics Ltd using an advanced and fully automatic production line of JK series rock emulsion explosives. These are used in underground mining, road works, construction of dams, and in the housing sector. It is a completely remote controlled preparation operation, dramatically increasing production safety.
  • Production and sale of ANFO, which has good performance and is safe and reliable with accurate metering and a fine blasting effect, offers low cost in boring and explosion and high loading effectiveness.
  • In order to meet the diverse needs from the market, Kyoga brings a set of shock tube detonator production lines, which can produce surface shock tube detonators, in-hole shock tube detonators and combined shock tube detonators.
  • Besides emulsion explosive, ANFO explosive and shock tube detonators, Kyoga can supply porous prilled ammonium nitrate, electronic detonators, detonating cords, boosters, copper wires, detonating relays, initiators, seismic charges, perforating bullets and some other commercial explosive products and materials.
  • The company provides storage services, delivery with armed escort for all these kinds of commercial explosives and explosive materials to customers, as a “One stop service”.
  • The company operates a full set of solutions for blast services, and is able to provide full services on local civil construction works and infrastructure building works.

In many ways KYOGA Dynamics Ltd lines up with Vision 2040 principles in addition to Uganda’s National Development Plan:

  • We are decreasing the trade deficit by increasing exports of high value while also ensuring stable supply to meet and fulfil infrastructural development needs.
  • Developing human capital by training locals to take on employment at the plant. 95% of our work force is locally sourced. Our engineers are given scholarships to study additional operational knowledge abroad.
  • Industrialisation of Uganda is the key to rapid development and will eventually bring forth more employment opportunities. This will up lift the living conditions of Ugandans.
  • Availability of high quality affordable explosive materials for commercial use will in turn spark infrastructural development further propelling Uganda’s economy forward.
  • By supporting the advancement of national and regional infrastructure and development through the production of superior quality commercial explosives, Kyoga Dynamics Ltd is set to play an important role in improving the lives of Ugandans as well as contributing to the country’s overall mid-term and long term development goals

The Company operates its market business with Uganda as the main business centre while supplying East Africa and other regions. Client countries include Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, Zambia, Congo, and South Sudan.

Kyoga Dynamics Limited follows safety procedures and corporate social norms as policy, not only supplying high quality products and reliable services to customers but also performing Corporate Social Responsibility. The Company has become a comprehensive enterprise with quality products and popular services in the sector in East Africa throughout its many years of remarkable operations.

Kyoga Dynamics Limited is ready to supply commercial explosives and explosive materials meeting market demand, as well as complete solutions for blast services for infrastructure, construction, and mining, oil-exploration fields both in Uganda, East Africa and beyond. Its business operation and running shall act as a rich source and boost for economic growth and social development in Uganda and The East African Region.