Emulsion Explosives

This is produced by Kyoga dynamics using advanced and fully automatic production line of JK series rock emulsion explosives. Thee are used in underground mining, road works, construction of dams and in the housing sector. It is a completely remote controlled preparation operation therefore increasing production safety.

Anfo Explosives

Anfo detonator has a good performance, it is safe and reliable with accurate metering and fire blasting effect offering low cost and high load effectiveness.

Shock Tube Detonators

In order to meet the diverse needs of the market, kyoga dynamics limited brings a set of shock tube detonator production lines which can produce;-

  • Surface shock tube detonators
  • In-hole shock tube detonators
  • Combined tube detonators

Kyoga dynamics also produces the following;

  • Electric detonators
  • Boosters
  • Copper wires
  • Seismic charges
  • Detonating relays
  • Perforating bullets


Production of commercial explosives and explosive materials

Blast services

Storage and transportation services