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Shock Tube Detonator

In January 2019, Kyoga Dynamics Ltd.’s shock tube detonator line went into operation smoothly. At present, the company has the ability to assemble 105,000 detonators per year, including various products including detonator initiation system, High Precision Hole Delay Detonator, High Precision Surface Delay Detonator, Ordinary millisecond delay detonator, and also can provide different lengths of detonators according to users’needs. This detonator assembly line enables the company to achieve full chain coverage of the production capacity of civil explosive products. This line is also the first detonator assembly line in East Africa. The product not only meets the needs of local civil explosive market in Uganda, but also radiates Kenya, Tanzania, Congo, South Sudan and other countries and regions. It provides supporting services for infrastructure construction in both the local and East African regions.

About Shock Tube Detonator

USES: It is suitable for the blasting works in underground mine or in the open pit without gas or coal dust. This kind of detonator can’t be affected by static and stray electrical current, high frequency radio transmissions during application.