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Kyoga Dynamics

Kyoga Dynamics Limited is a joint company established by China Wanbao Engineering Co., Ltd. and Uganda Luwero Industries Limited, it was officially registered in 2015 in Uganda. It is engaged in and operated a production of commercial explosives and explosive materials, marketing, storage and delivery, blast service businesses and some others.

The Company has a full capacity and capability operating and running an emulsion explosive, ANFO explosive and shock-tube detonator three main civil explosive production lines inland. Marketing products includes emulsion explosive, ANFO explosive, porous prilled ammonium nitrate, shock tube detonators, electronic detonators, detonating cord, boosters, copper wires, detonating relays, initiators, seismic charge, perforating bullet and some other commercial explosive products and materials. On business services, the Company provides the service of storage, delivery and arm escorting delivery for all these kind of commercial explosives and explosive materials to customers in “One stop service” means. At same time, the Company operates a full set of solution for blast service, able to provide full services on local civil construction works and infrastructure building works.

The Company operates its market business in Uganda as a main business centre, and expands to whole East African countries and regions meanwhile. It is including Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, Zambia, Congo and South Sudan, etc.



Production of Commercial Explosives


Emulsion explosives
Anfo explosives
Shock tube detonators
Other explosive products and materials